Why have an IYC?

International years are declared by the United Nations to draw attention to and encourage action on major issues. The International Year of Co-operatives is intended to raise public awareness of the invaluable contributions of co-operative enterprises to poverty reduction, employment generation and social integration. The Year will also highlight the strengths of the co-operative business model as an alternative means of doing business and furthering socio-economic development.

The UN’s goals for the IYC are to:

  • Increase public awareness about co-operatives and their contributions to socio-economic development and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.
  • Promote the formation and growth of co-operatives.
  • Encourage governments to establish policies, laws and regulations conducive to the formation, growth and stability of co-operatives.


To support these goals, the ICA has an online presentation that gives a quick overview of the co-operative movement and the IYC. It’s available in English, French and Spanish.


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