Webinar : Cooperatives for an Environmentally Just Future

3 june

On 3 June 2021, the International Cooperative Entrepreneurship Think Tank (ICETT) in collaboration with European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises (Euricse) will organise a webinar with the theme “Cooperatives for an Environmentally Just Future”. It aims to identify and elaborate on the practices and policies of large cooperatives in protecting the environment, during the course of enterprise. In other words, to understand the ‘cooperative difference’ made by cooperatives in the communities and countries they operate in, and how they translate the 7th Cooperative Principle on the Concern for the Community into actions. Acknowledging the overwhelming global impact of the pandemic and the role cooperatives play, the discussion will highlight the thematic findings of the recently published World Cooperative Monitor.


This webinar is being organised a month ahead of the International Day of Cooperatives 3 July 2021 which is on #RebuildBetterTogether.

This webinar is part of a series of online events organised by ICETT that will be held on 1, 3, and 9 June 2021, as our journey towards the World Cooperative Congress.

Click here to find out more about the ICETT.

Source of image : Photo Boards on Unsplash



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