Mutual Business Leaders' Symposium


Mutual Business Leaders’ Symposium – London, November 2012

This autumn, Mutuo will host a delegation of senior co-operative and mutual business leaders from around the world in London.  We would like to invite you, or a senior executive from your mutual, to join us as part of this exclusive delegation.

Delegates will have the opportunity to meet and share your experience with successful mutual businesses, senior policymakers and politicians.  The visit will include sessions with leaders of Britain’s largest co-operative and mutual businesses.

The symposium has been timed to coincide with the fifth annual Mutuals’ Forum which brings together the whole of the British mutual sector for one day for debate, discussion and networking.

The Symposium will take place from Monday 19th – Thursday 22nd November 2012

Highlights from the itinerary include:

Advocacy for mutuals

  • Meeting policymakers, politicians and regulators
  • Events in Parliament and the City of London

International Business Forum

  • Building  strategic objectives between mutuals
  • Visits to leading mutual businesses

Expanding the mutual sector

  • New capital structures  for mutuals
  • Marketing the mutual difference
  • Meet with the Oxford University Centre for Mutual Businesses

Venues for the symposium include:

  • Houses of Parliament
  • Oxford University
  • City of London
  • Mutuals’ Forum 2012

The trip is priced at £6,225 per delegate.  This fee includes five-star central London accommodation and all meals, meetings and transportation costs (excluding your international flights.)     

Should you wish to attend, or if you would like to discuss the visit in further detail, please contact me:

  • Call me on +44208 387 1258

Yours sincerely

Peter Hunt

Chief Executive

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