Third Regional Co-operative Value Chain Symposium

Agri and Co-operative Training (ATC)
P. O. Box 465 - 00502 NAIROBI, KENYA

One of the biggest challenges that nations in the developing world face is finding successful solutions to the problem of poverty and improved livelihoods. Yet, this can largely be achieved through the adoption of simple but practical innovative interventions. It has been said severally that the future belongs to the organized! Organizing value chain operators and applying the co-operative business model both horizontally (among enterprises at the same stage of the value chain, pursuing the same type of activity) as well as vertically (between suppliers and buyers) should be the starting point for any enterprise seeking to gain maximum returns with minimum resource inputs. Economies of scale are realized through collective effort. This year’s symposium builds upon the success of the 2011 one in which more than 250 participants and exhibitors drawn from 15 different countries attended. The theme of the symposium, which is “Good Governance for Competitive Co-operative Enterprises and Value Chains”. The current governance situation recommends management and governance reforms that would improve the performance of co-operatives and contribute to transforming them into modern businesses, able to respond to the needs of their members in a competitive liberalized global market economy. Hence the urgent need to promote good corporate governance. The upcoming 2013 Symposium in September 12-13 will return to the Co-operative Bank Management Training Center in up market Karen on the outskirts of the city of Nairobi, Kenya. Make early registration for this year's event to avoid last minute disappointment. Check the ATC website at for registration and updates as they occur or send email to
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