Ceremony laying the foundation stone of the Museum of Life symbols revolutions of the world


Museum of Life Symbols of revolutions of the world Siwa Oasis • The idea: The idea stems from the cooperation between the Association masterpieces Siwa unregistered number 275/2011 Matrouh Governorate aimed at the development of tourism in Siwa, in particular, and the initiative campaign, youth of a culture of donation Honorary regular blood (springs of life) through the club of the 25 Blood Donor Day International to strengthen the dissemination of types of tourism SIWA and make them known to all blood donors in the world to be one of the reasons for promoting tourism in general SIWA and the idea of ​​the museum came after deducting the many ideas that will be by invitation and motivate young people in the world to visit Siwa and the idea was heading toward leisure education and the transfer of cultures from here started the idea that Museum revolutions opposed to the symbols of the world throughout history for the transfer of cultures and generations, the current definition on is full of trophies for life. • characterization of the museum: Museum will be held on an area of ​​acres and will be through the construction of the materials of nature to be the first ecological museum in the Eastern Mediterranean Region and includes the following: 1 - an exhibition hall for the symbols of revolutions in the world through ancient and modern times to be next to each data symbol carved revolution that belongs to them and their causes and stages are produced by the electronics, and sophisticated. (Symbols carved from clay). 2 - cinema hall to serve the international events and show them to visitors the story of the Egyptian revolution in particular, along with what will be displayed in the visits. 3 - a conference room to serve international flights, who will visit cultural Matrouh and Siwa. • the foundation stone: Will be explained the foundation stone of the museum on Friday, 05.18.2012, which is the International Day of Museums, organized by the International Council of Museums in the world, in order to post tourism sectors, international and global in the definition of the event, which is a step in the process of definition of international marketing and the idea of ​​the museum and the call the world's youth volunteer to participate in the process of building the museum in more than one side or both aspects of information technology aspects of building in the end is an invitation to participate in spreading the culture of volunteer tourism.
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