International Co-operative Governance Symposium

Saint Mary's University
Sobey School of Business
Sobey Building
B3H 3C3 NS

From September 5th (evening) to September 7th, 2013, Saint Mary’s University (Halifax, NS, Canada) will be hosting an International Co-operative Governance Symposium. The Symposium is a two day gathering of leading governance practitioners and researchers to discuss and debate the challenges and opportunities for co-operative governance at a global scale. It will be a combination of presentations, panels, and working sessions that guarantees to stretch your mind, call on your expertise, and expose you to approaches from around the world. The format of the Symposium will be very interactive. We anticipate an intimate gathering (at least 50 and no more than 100). All attendees will be involved in governance practice or research (academic and/or practitioner). Therefore, the group will be highly engaged and the agenda for the event will be molded around the interests and expertise of the participants. We are requesting proposals for workshops, panels, and presentations from both academics and practitioners (follow the link from the website), and registration ($250 Canadian / participant) is now open. Website with links to ‘call for proposals’ and registration:
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