NAFCUB VISION 2020 Concalve, India

NAFCUB is partnering with Transact Media to conduct Vision 20/20, a 3 day Cooperative Banking Conclave at Bengaluru. This program will gather bankers from across India similar to the one conducted last year in September at Lavasa, which had 330 directors and chairpersons of cooperative banks in attendance. The conclave consists of multiple activities to evangelize best practices to cooperative bankers. A brief structure of the event is as follows Day 1; Session 1: 9:30 – 12:30 ‘On Invitation Only’ NAFCUB Chairpersons Meet This is intended to be the preliminary session, designed to get feedback from bankers on how they perceive important issues need to be managed from the region specific banks' perspective. This session will set the tone for the entire program. Day 1; Session 2 – Day 3 Session 1 13:30 – 23:00 National Vision 20/20 UCB Conclave 1. Impact of Cooperative bill 2009 2. Financial inclusion 3. New bank licenses 4. Branch expansion (licenses) 5. 2nd line management 6. Decision decentralization 7. Up-gradation of credit societies 8. Corporate governance 9. Communications leverage 10. Woman entrepreneurs 11. Urban poverty challenge 12. Lending limitations 13. Income tax laws & limitations 14. Compliance explained 15. Building your cloud 16. Mobile banking 17. Internet banking 18. Security implications 19. Automated data flow 20. AML Day 3; Session 2 & 3 11:30 – 18:30 Celebrating the International Cooperative Year 2012 The Celebration of ‘The International Cooperative Year 2012’ will be commemorated by inviting talent from our banks to showcase creative skills on a national platform. This will be in the form of performing and non-performing arts. The best of the performing arts will be presented to the audience on Day 3 of the Conclave during the NAFCUB Vision20/20 Awards. The conclave is a subscription based program, designed exclusively for Chairperson’s, Board directors, Chief executive officers & functional heads. with separate sessions for DCCBs and UCBs simultaneously.
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