Statement of Unity of the Alliance's Principles Committee - Charlie Hebdo

14 Jan 2015
Members of the International Co-operative Alliance's Principles Committee, meeting in Paris on the 12th and 13th January, shortly after the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and other innocent citizens, unreservedly condemn those actions and, expressing their solidarity with co-operators and citizens of France:
  • Affirm that free speech and liberty are indivisible from the vision, values and aspirations of co-operators throughout the world
  • Welcome and expresses their admiration of the response by millions of people throughout France in demonstrating their determination to defend free speech and the liberties that previous generations fought for
  • Reaffirm co-operatives' commitment to peace and social cohesion as defined at recent Alliance General Assemblies
From their beginnings co-operatives have been inclusive organisations, welcoming into membership people regardless of faith, gender or ethnic origin to work together for the common benefit of all. The only limit is intolerance of actions that threaten and undermine the democratic Values and Principles that underpin Co-operation and civil society.