Environmental and economic sustainability dominate co-operative leaders’ forum in New Zealand

05 Mar 2018

Environmental and economic sustainability shared the agenda when New Zealand’s co-operative business sector leaders met this week (Tuesday, 27 February) at Auckland’s Fonterra Centre.

In his keynote address to the second annual Co-operative Leaders’ Forum, cabinet minister David Parker, whose portfolios include economic development, trade and export growth, and the environment, said co-operatives create “a significant proportion of New Zealand’s wealth creation, good jobs, resilient enterprises and strong communities in many parts of our regions”.

The one-day event was organised by Cooperative Business New Zealand, the industry peak body which represents NZ’s co-operatives, mutuals and societies.

More information here https://nz.coop/2018-co-operative-business-leaders-forum/

Photo: (c) NZ.Coop