International Cooperative Alliance publishes global guide for promotion of co-ops

01 Apr 2018

A new toolkit is available for co-operatives around the world doing advocacy work.

Designed in partnership with think tank Mutuo, the Global Policy and Advocacy Guide was designed for the International Co-operative Alliance and its members to strengthen their advocacy efforts.

The policy guide draws together case studies of good practice from various regions and suggests methodology and communications protocols that can help to grow a consistent global approach to this work.

The toolkit also warns that the movement can lose sight of the bigger picture of why co-operatives are important and what they can achieve.

“It is important that we seek to make the case for co-operatives in an easily understood and consistent way,” reads the document. It also recommends using the World Co-operative Monitor template to produce similar statistics at national levels to make the case for the co-operative sector.

Another tip for co-operatives doing advocacy work is to align their sector objectives with those of decision makers rather than leading the conversation with the issues they wish to see delivered.

Highlighting the benefits of co-operatives will help the movement lobby for better legislative and regulatory framework for the sector, adds the paper. The Global Policy and Advocacy Guide is available to Alliance members on request to Rodrigo Gouveia, Director of policy at


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