The International Cooperative Alliance welcomes new members from Iran, Jordan, the Philippines and Côte d’Ivoire

15 Jun 2018

The International Co-operative Alliance is pleased to welcome 4 new members, Rah-e-roshd Cooperative Educational Complex (CRC) from Iran, Jordan Co-operative Corporation, Aurora Integrated Multipurpose Cooperative (AIMCOOP) in the Philippines and the Federation of Cooperative Societies of the Producers of the Cotton Yarn of Côte d'Ivoire.

CRC, which joins the Alliance as a temporary associate member, is an educational cooperative. It was registered in 1993 but dates back to 1983 when a group of teachers, mostly women, founded a kindergarten. After converting to a cooperative they set up another school. Members include parents, teachers and university professors. It has 2,000 students and 620 employees, 140 of whom are members.

An independent organisation formed by the government to supervise the cooperative sector (societies and unions), Jordan Co-operative Corporation (JOR) supports economic, social, cultural and local communities and promotes self-reliance to achieve the social and economic benefits of cooperatives. It has 1,605 member societies and, as of last year, had 24,388 members – a growth from 23,758 members in 2015. JOR’s members turn over  64,118,129 Jordanian dinar a year.

Aurora Integrated Multipurpose Cooperative (AIMCOOP) in the Philippines is a savings and loan cooperative. AIMCOOP focuses on savings mobilization and capital build-up for its members through high rates of return on interest and savings and time deposits. AIMCOOP is dedicated to poverty elimination and elimination of capitalism. They have 80 offices serving almost 1 million members nationwide. They have an online banking system and ATM’s nationwide. Other services include trading, funeral services, marketing, gas stations, hospital / medical services, life and non-life insurance, training, exercising political affairs of members, and other utility services as needed by members and community.

The Federation of Cooperative Societies of the Producers of the Cotton Yarn of Côte d'Ivoire (FPC-CI Coop CA, acronym in French) has six members which are cooperative unions in the cotton industry that have 280 member cooperatives. The cooperatives produce 95 percent of cotton nationally.

The International Cooperative Alliance now has 310 member organisations, of which 264 are full members and 46 are associate members, from 107 countries. This year the Alliance welcomed the Cooperatives Union of Kyrgyzstan, the Civil Servants Co-op from Cyprus, Fédération Nationale des Caisses d'Epargne from France and Jordan Co-operative Corporation.


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