International Youth Day: raising voices to show how cooperatives make a difference

12 Aug 2021

Members of the World Cooperative Congress 25 Voices launch a video to celebrate International Youth Day.

The world marks International Youth Day on 12 August, to highlight the challenges facing young people – and campaigners are highlighting the benefits of working together through cooperatives. The cooperative model – which brings the benefits of mutual support, economic ownership and autonomy at work – is uniquely placed to help young people negotiate their uncertain future of work. It can also help Generation Z work to realise its ideals for a more just and equitable world.

To help drive this agenda, the World Cooperative Congress on 1-3 December will include youth events to inspire the next generation. 

Throughout the year, the organisation is showcasing 25 Voices, featuring the stories of 25 members of the cooperative movement who are under the age of 25. These powerful stories, which come in the form of short videos photographs and other digital media, offer real-life examples of how cooperatives make a difference.

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