New members from Palestine, Egypt and Italy join the ICA in January 2020

02 Feb 2020

The International Cooperative Alliance welcomed three new members in January 2020 - Alleanza delle Cooperative Italiane from Italy (as member), Cooperative Work Agency (CWA) from Palestine (as associate member) and The General Authority for Construction and Housing Cooperatives (CHC) from Egypt (as an associate member). 

Alleanza delle Cooperative Italiane is the national coordinating body established by the three national Italian federations: Agci, Confcooperative and Legacoop. The association aims to act as a single national apex body for the Italian cooperative movement. It boasts 39,500 member organisations with a combined turnover of €150bn. 

The Cooperative Work Agency was created in 2017 following the adoption of new cooperative legislation in Palestine. The agency acts as both the regulator and the business development body for the sector. It focuses on building an institutional environment that enables the cooperative movement to grow and develop, improving the financial and organisational performance of cooperatives, and expanding cooperative sectors.

The General Authority for Construction & Housing Cooperatives (CHC) is a government body affiliated to the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities in Egypt. CHC is working to boost cooperative housing in Egypt as an affordable housing option. They have recently allocated land in 15 cities in Egypt for the construction of cooperative housing communities. In collaboration with affiliated cooperative societies, they also provide site management and supervision during the construction phase and support with planning and architectural design.

The ICA’s newest membership statistics are therefore: 310 member organisations of which 267 are full members and 42 are Associate Members from 109 countries. 

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