USA rural electric co-ops concerned about Department of Energy cyber security proposals

01 Feb 2017

The USA’s National Rural Electric Association (NRECA) has welcomed the infrastructure recommendations made by the Department of Energy Quadrennial Energy Review. However, NRECA has warned about any recommendations that would alter the existing processes used by co-ops to defend against cybersecurity threats.

The Department of Energy’s review provides on overview of the nation’s energy landscape and includes a number of recommendations.

“Electric co-operatives strongly agree that strengthening cybersecurity is a high priority. Electric co-operatives have made substantial progress advancing their cybersecurity capabilities. While physical and cyber threats are constantly changing, co-ops are united in a coordinated effort across the electric sector to protect the reliability of the electric grid from threats,” reads NRECA’s statement.

NRECA represents more than 900 rural electric co-ops across the USA.

The organisation has also praised the Department of Energy for having sponsored research, automation, data analytics, energy storage, renewable resource development and efficiency. Read NRECA’s statement here.

Photo: Hendricks Power, a member of NRECA, now uses a custom-made robot to take the grunge out of crawl space inspections during energy audits. (Photo By: Hendricks Power)