Cooperative Business New Zealand

22 May 2020
Cooperative Business New Zealand

Cooperative Business New Zealand reported that even with significant government support schemes being rapidly activated around wage subsidies, bank loans, etc., the country was already seeing a significant rise in unemployment, now now anticipated to rise to between 10-30% over the coming year/s). Food supply is not an issue, as New Zealand is able to source locally and the cooperative community (generates 19% of New Zealand's GDP) provides a significant proportion of the food supplies (both as a producer, but also as one of the two major super market food chains). The country’s borders will be closed for an extended period of time. 

Cooperative Business New Zealand actively lobbied on behalf of their members to ensure they are identified as essential services and receive assistance to access PPE's. The organization also acts as a conduit to the government on key issues/opportunities to be part of the economy rebuild.


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