ICA Annual Report 2019

09 Sep 2020

The ICA 2019 Annual Report brings together the activities and outputs of the ICA network  that includes its Regions, Sectoral Organisations, Thematic Committees and Youth Network, as well as DotCoop which manages the COOP domain name. ICA’s value in promoting the cooperative movement worldwide largely flows from the interaction between all these entities.

In 2019 three particularly salient deeds should be highlighted:

  • The ICA Global Conference “Cooperatives for Development”, held in Kigali (Rwanda) in October. This event highlighted the fundamental contribution of cooperatives to community, national and international development, and to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).In addition, the approval of the ICA Declaration on Positive Peace through Cooperatives, which took place at that occasion, affirmed that “Cooperatives engage in positive peace as a path that promotes equality and empathy, inclusion and opportunity for decent work, entrepreneurship and development.”
  • The elaboration and approval of a new ICA Strategic Plan for 2020-2030 called “A People Centred Path for a Second Cooperative Decade.”
  • The inclusion of cooperatives in the ILO Centenary Declaration on the Future of Work, meant to be one of the fundamental texts of the ILO.


While we are struggling against COVID-19, it is useful to recall all the progress made in 2019, which we will continue to build on this and the coming years. 

Download ICA 2019 Annual Report below.