#coopconference19: how can cooperatives improve their advocacy work 

26 Aug 2019

Don’t miss out ICA’s 2019 Global Conference on “Cooperatives for Development”! This conference provides a platform for cooperatives from a wide array of countries to evaluate and recognize their contributions as actors of development. Participants will learn how to advance their advocacy work using the global framework and common language of Sustainable Development, which rests on a triple bottom line - economic, social and environmental development. 

With a mix of conceptual presentations and concrete testimonies from the grassroots, the conference will equip you with valuable information and tools for advocacy at local, national and international levels, while also providing you with a unique sense of purpose. The conference enhances the interaction of cooperatives with like-minded institutions, individuals and organizations, such as development NGOs, Civil Society Organizations, members of the academia, etc., which can vitalize the promotion of cooperatives as strong and impactful actors implementing the Sustainable Development Goals. 

The core philosophy of the SDGs, that of progress - not at the cost of resource-depletion for future generations- is indeed at the nucleus of the cooperative enterprise model which operates to meet people’s basic yet common needs, such as:

  • employment 
  • responsible production & consumption, 
  • building equal, just and peaceful societies through their voluntary, democratic and participative character. 


Join us from 14 to 17 October in Kigali, Rwanda to learn how cooperatives can fully harness their potential, demonstrate their contribution to development, and educate the world on cooperatives as sustainable people-centred businesses with a concrete position to tackle global challenges.



©Sara Vicari & Andrea Mancori


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