#coops4dev🌍 becomes multilingual : The website is now available in Spanish and French

28 Oct 2020

The content of the #coops4dev🌍 website is now available in three languages: English, Spanish and French. As a project which takes place at the global level and in collaboration with the ICA’s four regional offices, the ICA-EU Partnership on international cooperative development (also known as #coops4dev🌍) wants to show its commitment to inclusion and diversity by providing the content of the website in Spanish and French – in addition to the original English language website.

Dive in to a universe of international cooperative development

The #coops4dev🌍 website offers a comprehensive and complete presentation of the ICA-EU Partnership and its activities since its launch in March 2016.

Cooperatives as key development actors

From the very beginning, the Partnership has been working to strengthen the cooperative movement as key actor in international development with the valuable support of the European Union.

A multi-stakeholder collaboration

Besides the EU, the Partnership works with a consolidated network of ICA members and sectors, civil society organisations and international institutions to make the cooperative movement thrive.

An interregional scope

All ICA offices – global and regional – drive the actions of the Partnership, which have both a regional and a global scope. With the support of the Coordination Unit, the global activities are conducted in a harmonised manner.

The areas of action

The Partnership is built around activities focused on increasing visibility, enhancing advocacy, sharing capacity building, strengthening cooperative development, networking, and supporting all these with evidence from exhaustive research.

Four years of #coops4dev🌍

A vast array of activities have been developed throughout the four years of #coops4dev. Examples range from strengthening the regional and international networks on international cooperative development – the Cooperatives Europe Development Platform (CEDP) and the International Cooperatives Development Platform (ICDP) – to trainings to members, research reports, the series of documentary films aroundtheworld.coop and several initiatives to promote cooperative entrepreneurship among youth, such as the Global Cooperative Entrepreneurs programme (GCE) and the Global Youth Forum Cooperative Entrepreneurship 2020 (GYF20).

You can find information about our activities here and check our publications and videos here.


Explore the latest key figures and cooperative legislation around the world: #coops4dev🌍 maps

A user-friendly interactive map presents the results of two long-term research projects that are currently being conducted under the ICA-EU Partnership.

Mapping the cooperative landscape at national level – Key Figures

The mapping provides information at the national level on the number of cooperatives, members and employees, as well as the main sectors in which cooperatives are active. It also includes information on the historic context of the cooperative movement and major cooperative organisations, supported by information from ICA members. These elements provide visitors with a snapshot of the cooperative situation in the countries covered. To date, the coop4dev research team has produced national mapping reports for 29 countries across the four ICA regional offices.

Check the latest research results here.


Legal Framework Analysis

The current results of the legal framework analysis demonstrate that cooperatives benefit from regulations acknowledging their specificities and ensuring a level playing field with other types of enterprises. The legal framework analysis provides a detailed overview of the main laws impacting cooperatives in countries covered, whilst providing analysis and constructive evaluation of how they can be improved. Work is completed with the support of legal experts and ICA member organisations. So far, results for over 55 countries are available on the online platform. 

Check the latest research results here.






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