EUD Guideline: a tool on how to better advocate towards EU delegations

12 Jul 2019

The International Cooperative Alliance is releasing a guideline on the European Union Delegations (EUD). It is an initiative of #coops4dev? at the global level. 

Cooperatives and the EU are both working towards similar goals and share common agenda points. Cooperatives are recognized by the EU as development actors in their own rights. ICA’s members' knowledge and experience can be valorized with the participation of cooperatives in a policy dialogue that will shape domestic policies that are implemented by the EU at partner country level and will allow cooperatives to fulfill their key role in achieving the SDGs in collaboration with the EU Delegations.

This document’s objective resonates with one main pillar of the ICA-EU partnership #coops4dev?, which consists in promoting a meaningful and structured participation of cooperatives in domestic policies of partner countries, in the EU programming cycle and in international processes. 

It aims at supporting all members in how to better advocate towards EU delegations. Its approach is pragmatic, and it provides support at every stage of the advocacy process: before, during and after meeting with the EU delegations.

The guideline is divided into 5 steps, which are the following:

  • Analyzing the EU strategy
  • Planning your action
  • Meeting with the EU delegation
  • Maintaining your relationship
  • Mentoring your progress


Please note that the guideline is intended as a service only for ICA members and can be disseminated after coordination with the respective ICA Regional Office.

The document is currently available in English and will soon be available in Spanish. 


For more information, please contact:

Silvia Schiavon

Programme Coordinator – Cooperative Development